Nikki Z is a resolute, self-motivated, and industrious media personality who has captivated a global audience with her unapologetic and crafty delivery on radio as well as television, cultivating significant interest and partnerships with numerous

Dubbed ‘Queen Z’, she embarked on her entertainment career in the 1990s, gaining valuable experience with esteemed entities such as Comedy Central, FUBU Y2G, and B.E.T. In 2006, she pursued her aspiration to work in the Caribbean, relocating to Jamaica, where she swiftly established her brand as a household name on the island and among global aficionados of Caribbean music. A former member of the U.S. Military, Nikki Z brings unwavering focus and discipline to every facet of her media undertakings. Her remarkable global brand success led to her portrayal of herself in Nick Cannon’s recently premiered film, “King of The Dance Hall.”

The inaugural commercial hip-hop station to launch in Connecticut, known as ‘Jamz 910’, proactively recruited and engaged the services of an enterprising DJ at the age of 19. Subsequently, Nikki Z embarked on a trajectory that led her to New York City, where she contributed to field production efforts for BET’s limited-duration program “Turn Style.” She also participated in one of the earliest hip-hop blogger sites, “FUBU Y2G,” and gained valuable experience by working behind the scenes on prominent productions including Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and “The Dave Chappelle Show,” where she notably appeared in the memorable Rick James episode.

Maintaining her affinity for radio, Nikki Z became a member of the Power 104 team, a Commercial Urban station, initially assuming the role of a board operator for the renowned Wendy Williams Radio show. Through perseverance and dedication, she ascended from her initial role to ultimately hold the weekday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM broadcasting slot. Following her relocation, Nikki Z effectively applied her acquired knowledge to elevate her personal brand and expand her influence within the Caribbean market through engagements with island networks such as Zip 103fm, Hype TV, RJR Group, and others.
Her multifaceted talents extended into music production, encompassing the creation of the hit single “Don’t Cry” by Mavado, prominently featured on his Billboard-charting album “Gangsta for Life.” Furthermore, she undertook the executive production of the ‘Art Of Love Riddim,’ a compilation featuring tracks like Ky-Mani Marley’s “Best Thing” and Konshens’ “Beautiful.”
A luminary in her field, Nikki Z stands as the driving force behind the creation and production of the syndicated radio countdown show, “Nikki Z Live.” The program currently reaches a discerning audience in pivotal markets across commercial and online Caribbean stations spanning the US, the Caribbean, Africa, the UK, and Europe. Expanding the accessibility of her content, Nikki Z Live can be accessed on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and Mixcloud.

Renowned for her accomplishments, this award-winning DJ and host has orchestrated successful campaigns for various entertainment figures, events, and projects. Her program offers a spectrum of content, including celebrity interviews, entertainment news, and an array of engaging features.

The first commercial hip hop station to launch in Connecticut ‘Jamz 910’ sought out and hired this dynamic DJ for their new station at the age of 19. Nikki Z eventually ventured to NYC where she worked in Field production for BET’s short lived program “Turn Style” as well as one of the 1st hip hop blogger site “FUBU Y2G” She even learned the rope and worked behind the scene on programs like worked behind the scenes on programs, like Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn & The Dave Chappell Show a show in which she also appeared in the infamous Rick James episode. Still drawn to radio Nikki Z joined the team at Power 104 a Commercial Urban station where she worked as a board operator for the infamous Wendy Williams Radio show. Eventually working her way from board operator and late night broadcaster to the 10:00AM to 2:00 PM weekday shift. Once relocating she used what she learned to further push her brand and the Caribbean market via radio and television with island networks such as Zip 103fm, Hype TV, RJR Group and more.

The popular media personality even ventured into music producing the hit single Don’t Cry by Mavado which was featured on his Billboard charting album Gangsta for Life as well as Executive producing the ‘Art Of Love Riddim’ which features Ky- Mani Marley ‘Best Thing” and Konshens ‘Beautiful’ Nikki Z is the creator and producer of her syndicated radio countdown show Nikki Z Live which currently airs in several key markets on commercial and online Caribbean stations in the US, the Caribbean stations in the US, the Caribbean, Africa the UK and Europe. In addition to being syndicated you can also find Nikki Z Live on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcast and mixcloud. This award winning DJ and host has created and implemented campaigns for a number of entertainment personalities, events and projects and her program provides celebrity interviews, entertainment news and so much more.